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What makes the Home Master better than other reverse osmosis systems?

The steady water flow from a typical home RO system will take about 40 seconds to fill a pitcher or large spaghetti pot. This level of performance was unacceptable to the water wizards here AWF, who devised a Fast Flow RO kit for the Home Master which effectively doubles the water flow from your RO faucet!

Watch the Home Master with integrated Fast Flow RO kit Action Video! Advantage -- Home Master!

One thing you will notice about the Home Master RO system is that our filters are incorporated into the filter housing, so that when it comes time for the annual filter change, the filter, and the entire filter housing, are disposed of. This is to prevent flooding in your home. The leading competitors canister type RO system keeps the same filter housing year after year, subjecting it to constant high water pressure, water erosion, and wear from maintenance. Only the filter element is changed. After about 5 years the walls and seals of the competitors canister filter housing begin to weaken and decay, eventually failing, potentially causing substantial damage. Advantage -- Home Master!

The next thing you should notice about the Home Master RO system is the high grade filters designed to yield 3900 gallons of purified water, with both carbon stages made from coconut shell carbon, and filtration down to 5-microns. The competition typically uses lower grade filters made from coal carbon rated to purify just 1500 gallons of water, with one 5-micron filter and one 10-micron filter. The competition also uses unnecessary extra filter stages and recommends multiple filter changes per year in order to compensate for their poor quality filters. Advantage -- Home Master!

Easy installation and service made easier with all Quick Connect fittings on the filters, inlet adapter, and faucet adapter.

The already advanced Home Master Reverse Osmosis system can be further enhanced with the following options:

Artesian Upgrade adds minerals to the water after the reverse osmosis filter removes virtually everything. Adding minerals to the water balances the pH and improves the taste.

The patented Artesian Full Contact® version remineralizes the water twice restoring 100% more minerals than the regular Home Master Artesian and makes the water alkaline. Adding minerals to the water adjusts the pH and improves the taste. All of the Home Master systems can be ordered with an Artesian, or Artesian Full Contact upgrade.

Permeate pump reduces water waste, increases water production, produces slightly cleaner water. It is non-electric so you will not have to trade electricity waste for water waste.

Anti-microbial tubing prevents growth of microorganisms on the inside of the tubing.

Refrigerator Connection Kit allows you to easily connect your Home Master to your refrigerator’s water and ice center. You may also use this kit to connect to some coffee makers, humidifiers, or other water using appliances (not dishwashers or laundry).

Upgraded RO Faucets have more elegant finishes and styles, and deliver better water flow.

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