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Category: Common Questions

1. I'm new to this where do I begin?
2. Did you chnage the name of the RO system from Tap Master to Home Master?
3. What makes the Home Master better than other reverse osmosis systems?
4. What are the differences between the different Home Master models?
5. What is the difference between the Nelsen SP3 Conditioner and the Home Master Softener?
6. Well Water System Questions
7. Whole House Reverse Osmosis what do I need to know?
8. Installation Instructions

Category: Water Sciences

1. What contaminants can reverse osmosis remove?
2. Which chemicals can carbon filter from the water?
3. What is pH and why is it important?
4. A Common Sense Approach to Ionized, Oxygenated, and Magnetized Water
5. Glossary Of Water Terms
6. News Links and Water Science Information
7. Water Softner and Water Conditioning
8. Drinking Water Contaminants - Public Health Announcement from the US EPA
9. What is the state of drinking water today?
10. Brief Overview of Residential Water Treatment Methods
11. History of Reverse Osmosis
12. Particle Size Chart

Category: Installation Instructions

1. Home Master Series RO Systems -- Installation Instructions
2. Home Master Filter -- Installation Instructions
3. Home Master Jr. -- Installation and Filter Change Instructions
4. Home Master Water Softener -- Installation Instructions
5. Value Line Reverse Osmosis -- Installation and Filter Change Instructions
6. Permeate Pump -- Installation Instructions
7. What is an auto shut-off valve and flow restrictor and why do I need them on my RO?
8. If I move can I take my Home Master with me?
9. Can I install the Home Master myself?
10. What is the minimum water pressure required for the Home Master?
11. What are the filter change costs and frequency for each of the purification systems?
12. Filter Change Reminder
13. How do I prevent water from ejecting from the air gap window of my air gap RO faucet?
14. Pressure Troubleshooting
15. Reserve Tank Questions

Category: Home Master Information

1. What's the difference between the "canister type" RO system and The Home Master?
2. Why do other RO systems require filter changes every six months, while the Home Master requires filte
3. Why doesn't the Home Master offer a 5th stage of carbon filtration like many other RO systems?
4. Aren't 3900 gallon-per-year water filters overkill?
5. Do I have to purchase replacement filters from Advanced Water Filters?
6. How will I know when my Home Master needs service?
7. Compare "Zero Waste" vs. the Permeate Pump
8. Which organisms are destroyed by UV light?

Category: Shower Filter FAQs

1. How do I install the shower filters?
2. Are the shower filters' replaceable cartridges easy to replace?
3. What is the life span of the shower water filters?

Category: Warranty and Return Policies

1. What is your warranty and return policy?

Category: Nelsen SP3 Scale Prevention System with Filtration

1. What is Potassium Chloride or The "no salt" alternative?
2. Will The Nelsen SP3 whole house water conditioner help prevent scale in my home?
3. How does Nelsen SP3 Water taste?
4. How does the water conditioned by the Nelsen SP3 whole house water conditioner feel when compared with a salt softener?
5. How do washing and cleaning with the Nelsen SP3 compare to salt-softened water?
6. Where should The Nelsen SP3 Water System be installed?
7. How much maintenance will the Nelsen SP3 whole house conditioner require?
8. Does bacteria grow in a carbon system?
9. How do I determine the correct system size for my home?

Category: Water Softeners

1. What size Softener do I need? -- Water Softener Capacity Calculation
2. Should I have my water softener professionally installed?
3. What is hard water?
4. How can I tell how hard my water is?
5. How do I deal with the problem of hard water?
6. How does a water softener work? - The Ion Exchange Process
7. What are the benefits of water softening?
8. Do magnetic water softeners work?
9. What type of salt should be used with your softeners?
10. Is it harmful to mix different kinds of salt in a water softener?
11. How often should one add salt to a softener?
12. Do I have to use sodium salt?
13. Does a water softener have to be designed specifically to accept potassium?
14. What are the downsides to an ion exchange water softener?
15. Do water softeners add salt to my water supply?
16. Will a Reverse Osmosis system remove the salt from the softened water?
17. Should I worry about corrosion from the salt in the water?
18. Why do I have to add salt to my water softener?
19. What is the difference between a "demand" type water softener and one on a timer?
20. Where should I install my water softener?
21. What should I look for in a water softener?
22. Will the water softeners that you offer, pass my local building codes?
23. Does the drain-line used by the brine overflow need to be below its starting point at the brine tank?
24. Do you recommend softening water that is to be used as outdoor water?
25. Will installing a softener reduce my water pressure?
26. When will the water softener resin need to be replaced?
27. How often should I clean the water softener brine tank?

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