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Reserve Tank Questions

How Do I test the pressure in my reserve tank?

  • Test the air pressure with the water to the system turned off, the tank water valve open, and the RO faucet open. Make sure you open up the RO faucet and allow as much water as possible to run out before testing the pressure. You want to measure the air pressure, not the water pressure + the air pressure.
  • You must measure the air pressure when the tank is completly empty of water. You may need to add some air to get the water out.
  • Test it with a pressure gauge that goes down to zero. Some automotive pressure gauges only go down to 20 psi, and some bicycle pump pressure gauges will give a false zero reading. 
  • When empty the standard 3.2 gallon storage tank should have 7.5 psiexactly. No more, and no less.

Why do I get less than the rated amount of water from my reserve tank?

  • The rated storage capacity is based upon 100psi of input pressure. If your household water pressure is less than this, then less water will be pushed into the tank.
  • If you have recently added air to the tank through the air nipple, then you may have added too much air, and it is filling space which used to be available for water. Also it will create additional backpressure signaling the automatic shutoff valve to close prematurely.
  • The tank will not fill, or not fill completely, if there is not sufficient incoming water pressure to overcome the back-pressure from the tank. That incoming water pressure is the pressure - to the filters and after the filters; so if your filters are plugged or restricting the flow, then water pressure to the tank will be less, and therefore will be unable to fill the tank as full or at all. If it’s getting close to the time to change your filters, then that is likely the problem. Change your water filters. 
Can I lay the tank on its side?
  • The 0.5 and 2.0 gallon tanks can be placed on their side for a normal service position. The 3.2 and 5.0 gallon tanks will operate when placed on their side, but it will shorten their life and void the warranty. The larger tanks may only be used upright on the included stand.

I am getting weak pressure. Is this due to the tank?

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