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Home Master Artesian Full Contact™ Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
The Home Master™ Artesian Full Contact™ Reverse Osmosis System

Alkaline Mineral Water on Tap™ by first stripping the water clean, removing 98% of contaminants using the reverse osmosis (RO) process, then channeling the water through the advanced remineralization filter twice using the patented Artesian Full Contact™ Technology to rejuvenate and restore up to 100% more calcium and magnesium minerals than the Home Master Artesian™.

The Home Master Artesian Full Contact™ creates the best drinking water, coffee and tea you will ever have. Guaranteed or your money back. The purity you need, the minerals you want™

Our price: $419.95
Interested in getting a new water filter system? You are at the right place! You will be surprised to know that there are many harmful pollutants commonly found in tap water. Even bottled water is not that save. It is estimated that 40% of all bottled water is simply tap water with only minor filtration. In addition to these, many water filters produce water that is free of all minerials. This is not healthy for the body because it can rob the good minerals out of your body to balance the pH level in your body. In addition to this, it just dosen't taste good. Have you ever had one of those glasses of water that leave your mouth tasting dry? In contrast, have a cool glass of mountain spring water that tasted great and you wish you could bottle it up and bring it home? Well, now you can! With any of our Home Master Artesian water filters, you can get this same Mineral Water on Tap™ any time you like. We provide under counter reverse osmosis purification units, as well as whole house water filters. Unlike brita water filters or pur water filters which may only filter the water from a pitcher. There are many water filter reviews out there that have rated our water filter filtration units highest in both quality and technology. We have water filters for your shower, refrigerator, for under your sink, or even your entire home.

For better water you never need a coupon here, because we always give you the best prices the first time.

Check out our patented re-mineralization process and see how you can get fresh spring tasting water in your home today.

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